Effects Of Stroke

Dealing with the effects of stroke can be challenging.It is estimated that each year 15 million people worldwide suffer from stroke.Of these,five million remain permanently disabled.After rehabilitation programs some are on the road to recovery but there are some that can no longer care for themselves.

During the first few days following the incident it is important for therapy to begin.Patients should exercise to activate the process of recovery and neural re-organization.A program of 30 to 60 minutes,4 to 6 times a week is a good start but any amount is better than none.Walking and Swimming are good low-impact exercises

Different rehabilitative approaches are used for post-stroke treatment.One of them is Motor Imagery (MI). MI was initially developed to improve the performance of athletes and has been adopted in rehabilitation programs for persons with stroke to support motor recovery.

Mental Imagery refers to the active process by which humans experience sensations with or without external stimuli.It is an active process during which a specific action is reproduced within working memory without any real movements.Studies demonstrate that during MI sessions that partially the same brain areas are activated as during functional tasks.